Our services

Al-Bayraq Co. has expertise in the following services:

  1. Constructions and civil works
  2. Infrastructure services
  3. Property development
  4. Hospitals
  5. Consultancy and projects management

1. Constructions and civil works

Our in-depth understanding of the construction industry, combined with labour management expertise, has enabled us to successfully render civil construction services to national as well as international clients. We follow stringent international norms to offer best quality of services. we ensure that we deliver superior service to every client who utilizes our services. Family owned and operated, we take pride in delivering projects within the deadline and budget and our attention to detail is second-to-none, which is why we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on every project we undertake.
Our point of difference in civil construction is our comprehensive range of services, enabling us to provide a total solution, so our clients don’t have to source other subcontractors externally. We have extensive experience in project management of civil works and have a large team of in-house staff including engineers, surveyors, plant mechanics and operators who can fulfil a broad scope of residential, commercial and industrial requirements.

Example of civil works:

1. Piles for north Al-Nasiriyah bridge with Al-Mutasim Contracting Co. client.
2. Rehabilitation and development of Baghdad-Baquba gate , with Baghdadgovernorate client.
3. Sub-base road construction with Theqar governorate client, May 2007.
4. Sub-base road construction with Theqar governorate client, May 2007.
5. Sub-base road construction with Theqar governorate client, dec. 2008
6. Sub-base road construction with Theqar governorate client,2006.
7. Sub-base road construction with Theqar governorate client, Oct, 2006.
8. Petrol, Oil, Lubricant tanks project with Korea Aerospace Industries Client.

Example of construction works:

1. VWM for BIAP departure terminals Invitation # 98 in 2012 with Baghdad governorate client.
2. Construction works at Al-Gharraf field, Iraq Invitation # WFT-IRQ-TEN-10-022, Dec.2010.
3. Design of 1500 housing units in Basmaya with Baghdad governorate client.
4. Aziziyah Target Area Project (ATAP) with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) Client.
5. Suwairah Air Base (SAB) with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) Client.

2. Infrastructure services

Al-Bayraq Co. has the endorsement required for the development of large projects for the construction of roads, highway interchanges, bridges, viaducts and urban roads, as well as for the performance of earthmoving and civil, hydraulic, maritime and port works.
Al-bayraq Co. constructs complete infrastructure packages, utility packages, site work, roads and related civil construction. Al-Bayraq Co. also specializes in workforce housing infrastructure and construction, with in-house capabilities to design, layout and construct short duration projects in remote locations. With a fleet of company owned and operated equipment, we can quickly mobilize support most any project.

Type of work performed is as follows:

• Turn-key Infrastructure
• Underground Utilities
• Water & Sewer Construction
• Site Work
• Excavating & Earthwork
• Roads & Streets
• Pipelines

• Workforce Housing Camps
• Remote Infrastructure & Logistics
• Temporary Workforce Housing Camps
• Civil Construction
• Heavy Civil & Sheet Pilings
• Environmental Remediation

• Storm Drainage & Spillways
• Clearing & Grubbing
• Oil & Gas Pipelines
• Fire-mains, Hydrants, Fire-loops
• Underground Utilities: Electrical, Power, Phone, Cable, Gas, Process Piping

Al-Bayraq Co. works in the oil & gas civil works and oil tanks and development industries. Al-bayraq’s work force is diverse and capable of handling most any task in the site, civil and utility construction field and possesses a long list of satisfied clients & local governmental entities.

3. Property development

Our company is capable of design, supervise and construct housing and industrial complexes and development.
Projects in property development:
• Design and build residential project in Al-ne’yria and Al-Gayarah with Baghdad governorate client.

4. Hospitals

Our company has experience in building and developing hospitals.
• Rehabilitation and development of Al-Nu’man Hospital, Invitation # 10 in 2014.

5. Consultancy and project management supervision

our company has many several joint venture agreement with foreign consultants in order to perform several design, supervision and project managements. And we have experience staff in this field.
• PM and consultancy of Al-Mahmoodiya sewer project, Invitation # 5 in 2012.
• PM and consultancy of Al-Yosufiyah sewer project, Invitation # 30 in 2012.
Client : Baghdad Governorate.