Message from the Chairman

Al-Bayraq is a premier engineering and consulting firm that is proud to help clients worldwide with professional planning and development, engineering, consulting, constructions and operations and maintenance services across a wide variety of infrastructure projects. Our interdisciplinary teams, built up as leaders in Iraq’s top engineering firm, provide fast track and integrated solutions that aim at total customer satisfactions.

Al-Bayraq is keenly aware that the work entrusted to us by our clients has a significant impact on the lives and environment of people who live and work in communities whose infrastructure we support. We therefore take great pride in sharing in the successful development of our clients’ communities. We fully recognize that the work we do today will have far reaching benefits many years into the future, and it helps motivates us to meet unique technical, logistical and managerial challenges that each individual project poses. 

Alongside technological progress, Al-Bayraq Co. also values integrity. We make sure that we deliver on our promises and that we maintain long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Our team of high-caliber and dedicated professionals have the creativity and social awareness to ensure that each project is completed with the attention to environmental issues that our clients expect and require.

Letter of Introduction

Albayraq Universality for general contracting Ltd. founded in 2004 in Baghdad/Iraq . Albayraq Universality did two major MOU, the first MOU was held with Hussin Alekheidur for trading and general contracting Ltd, which produced big contracts, above 50 billion IQD with Baghdad Governorate. after that, the Co. went further to held MOU with Defkon contracting and consultancy Co., Greece Nationality. this alliance produced contracting projects over 70 billion IQD, for two projects, Al-Numan Hospital with Baghdad Governorate, and Al-Nasirya north bridge piles with Al-Mutasim Contracting Gov. Co.

Obviously, these alliances with other companies granted Albayraq Universality wide acknowledge big projects challenges, and how to deal with projects management in professional way, which gives more motivation and potential for technical and administration staffs especially in consultancy, design, execution and project management with modern and developed concept by using latest technology which helps company staffs to achieved their duties in high quality on time.
Because of the company decision makers are open minded for other companies and experiences, in addition, human resources developments investment by research, study and analysis, which granted the ability to interaction with various activities in contracting work, which resulted more opportunities for contracts awarding and executed with clients and end users requirements.
In additions, Albayraq Universality has good experience in awareness sessions as a part of our contractual obligations with governmental organizations and institutions in many domains, such as but not limited HSE Project Management, and computer software and programs such as P6, MS Project, ETABS and STAAD Pro.